4 MEMORIES MADE There is a common thread that runs through history and culture. Everyone loves to dress up and make believe they are someone famous. Since 1930, businesses have turned to Jacobson Hat to buy costume hats and accessories. In the beginning, our iconic headwear selection included top hats and sporty derbies as well as innovative styles such as pirate and Spanish hats. HAVING FUN ALONG THE WAY Nine decades later, our family-owned business has grown into one of the largest hat resellers in the world. After reaching the 100 million hat milestone, we continue to be true to our guiding principles of delivering quality, fun, personal style at prices that are beyond comparison. The next time you visit a costume shop, party store, or pop-up location we encourage you to create a moment that can be remembered forever with a Jacobson hat. DRESS THE PART With the knowledge and expertise to create almost any style hat, we have expanded our line to include Steampunk hats, Day of the Dead items, loads of costume accessories, and many more great items. What many would consider novelty items, have grown into an entire catalog of products that allow people to embrace their alter egos and become something more... From Vikings and gladiators to sailors and police officers, only a wild imagination can take you further than the Jacobson Hat line. LET’S TALK Some say talk is cheap, but the advice we provide to hat resellers and costume retailers is priceless. Our professional customer service team is ready to share decades of product insights and expert design capabilities that will give you a competitive advantage in your market. 100 Million Memories Later Phone: 800.233.4690 | 570.342.7887 Fax: 800.882.5428 | 570.342.7454 www.jhats.com Email: sales@jhats.com